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Zero Suit Samus-ZSS The Great

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1 Zero Suit Samus-ZSS The Great on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:20 pm


Zero Suit Samus was first shown at the end of the original Metroid in a bikini. She had her first major appearance in the Gameboy Advance game Metroid: Zero Mission. Metroid Corruption 2 and 3 start with Samus without her power suit, but before starting the game, Samus must change into it, and you have to continue the rest of the game as Samus in her power suit.
Role in SSE

Zero Suit Samus first appears in SSE when she breaks into the bomb factory. There she finds Pikachu and helps it escape. Then Pikachu and Zero Suit Samus fight two Power suit clones and She re-equips her armor. She and Pikachu fight Ridley and then later in SSE, they fight Meta Ridley.

Very Fast
Two "Stunning Attacks"
High jumps
Ranged grab
(Somewhat) powerful smashes for a Light character
Starts out with suit armor pieces around her
Has a third jump in the form of of her down B
Recovery Easily Gimpable
Has a hard time K.O'n
Zero Suit Samus is a beast when you know how to play her right. With two spikes, godly range and good speed, she can really win a match easily.
--Attacky ZSS-- This type doesn't really care about how much damage he/she is at, they just want you to die. Bairs and Forward specials work well.
--Campy ZSS-- Okay. This guy sits on the other end of the stage and waits. Paralyzes, gets a good combo up if they can, and then retreats to his little ledge.
--Opportunistic ZSS-- This is the kind of brawler you wouldn't want to meet online. This one waits for a little thing like a laggy fsmash, then strikes. He reads your mind. No seriously. He reads your mind. He has a little plan in the back of his mind for you, and then you'll die after he uses it.

By holding down L, (or Z for Wii Remote) when choosing you're stage, Zero Suit Samus will appear rather than Samus in her suit.

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