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Diddy Kong-The Ape That Dosent Escape

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1 Diddy Kong-The Ape That Dosent Escape on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:25 pm

Diddy Kong is the chimpanzee companion to Donkey Kong. He often wears a hat with the Nintendo label and is fond of flinging bananas. He's worked along-side Donkey Kong in the Donkey Kong Country series.

Role in SSE

We first see Diddy helping Donkey Kong out by shooting down Bullet Bills after Hammer Bros. steal their bananas. They would find the stash of bananas and be confronted by Bowser. Bowser would then turn Donkey Kong into a trophy but not before Donkey Kong blasts Diddy Kong out of the way. Diddy would also meet up with Fox after being rescued from him when fighting Rayquaza. They would also join up with Falco later on in the game.

Excellent ground Game
Nice Recovery
Banana Peels
Somewhat fast attacks
Hard to K.O.
Running A is hard to punish
Small hit boxes for some attacks
If hit when charging Up B it will result with the jet pack to explode
Strategies & Advanced Techniques
Glide Tossing - An ability most characters have. The way this technique works is cancelling a roll by tilting the Control Stick in the direction you want to slide(move), and hitting the Shield Button simaltaneously as well as the C-Stick in which direction you want to throw the item, preferably being the Bananas Diddy has the ability to take out.
Dribbling - Dribbling is Glide Tossing, but only in one specific direction, the direction being downwards and sliding backwards, then re-grabbing the banana and repeating the same steps from the beginning in quick succession. This technique is more into mindgames than it is an actual offensive maneuver.
Double Dribbling - Double Dribbling is the same as regular Dribbling, but instead this requires two nanerz and the two nanerz need to be close to each other. From one naner you Glide Toss in the direction where the other naner is, then grab the second naner and Glide Toss in an opposite direction, then grabbing the same naner that was just used to Glide Toss and Glide Toss towards the other naner then grab that naner and the process continues to repeat.
Note:The nanerz are not supposed to be moving and are also supposed to be within Glide Tossing distace from each other.
Banana Cancelled Rocket Barrel Boost(BCRRB) - This technique can be very useful when the opponent is able to counter Diddy's nanerz. The way this technique is used is by running towards the nanerz that are no longer in Diddy's control and when Diddy has enough running momentum, activate the Rocket Barrel Boost(Up-B) which the naner will cancel and then send th Roclet Barrels flying off possibly smashing into the ground and bursting, harming the opponent, if he/she/it's within range of the blast radius.
Pivot Dribbling - Pivot Dribbling is the same as regular Dribbling(not double dribbling), but with one small difference, Diddy Glide Tosses a naner downwards but slides forward at the same time, this is the hard part, there's a small window of opportunity where Diddy can turn around and retreive his naner, it's a good technique if you want to switch the direction in which you're Dribbling.

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