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Donkey Kong-KING KONG

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1 Donkey Kong-KING KONG on Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:28 pm


Donkey Kong is the main character of his series, "Donkey Kong". He and Mario started off in the first game together, "Donkey Kong," before going their separate ways, occasionally joining up for spin-off games. Canonically, the Donkey Kong that was Mario's adversary in the original game is actually the current Donkey Kong's grandfather, Cranky Kong.
Super Smash Bros.

“Donkey Kong and Mario started out as arch-rivals, but they’ve patched things up in recent years. These days DK spends his days searching the jungle for bananas instead of kidnapping beautiful maidens. In the past few years, other members of the Kong family have cashed in on DK’s fame as well, including his favorite nephew, Diddy. The slowest character in the game, but one of the most powerful. DK is the only character who can walk while holding other players, barrels and boxes.”
Super Smash Bros. Melee

The big ape who debuted alongside Mario all those years ago, Donkey Kong is still going strong today. With his signature necktie and long, powerful arms, DK is a force to be reckoned with. While still fairly slow, he has incredible reach, and remains the only character who can carry grabbed opponents. His Giant Punch is one of the most powerful special moves in the game when fully charged, and best of all, the charge can be saved for whenever you need it. Watch out, though, because he has very little vertical recovery and doesn’t take too kindly to downward falls.
Role in SSE

Donkey Kong first starts off chasing some of Bowsers minions who ran off with his bananas. After reaching the end of the chase Donkey Kong Jumps in front of a dark gun blast in order to save Diddy.

Excellent ground Game
Awesome horizontal Recovery
Agile for his size
Deals out damage very quickly
Strong tilts and smashes
Has a move that smashes the opponent into the ground
Good range in attacks
Super armor in Giant punch and Up B
Terrible Vertical Recovery
Large Target
bad air game
Standard speed moves
Always have a Giant punch fully charged, this will make your opponent afraid of getting too close or leaving themselves open. If your opponent is keeping a good distance away from you, short hop in the air with your back turned to your opponent and do 2 b airs, then when you land use an f tilt. When your opponent has a high percentage(80%+) use up b while dashing and use side b when it ends, if the side b connects, use giant punch or f smash. If this doesn't work, grab them and run with them in your hand and hit down a, this will put them a good distance from the stage, now double jump and use f air or d air. If you grab them on the edge, run with them off the stage and use b air on the stage's lip

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