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Site Guidelines and Ban Info

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1 Site Guidelines and Ban Info on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:06 pm

Welcome to the Brawlers of Darkness website! This is meant to be a fun site where everyone is treated equally and with respect. Like for all things good there are rules that you need to abide by to avoid punishments.

Rule#1, Absolutely NO flaming: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. Flaming is strictly forbidden, and can get you warnings, topic bans, forum bans, or even site bans for as long as you need to learn your lesson. Treat others with the respect you want, and if someone flames you, don't flame back. Doing that will get you both into trouble, so just let the moderators and administrators deal with it. If someone is flaming you, do one of two things:

1. Copy the post and the flamer's name in a PM to a mod or admin.
2. Copy the address bar of the page it's on in a PM to a mod or admin.

If someone else is being flamed, try not to get yourself involved in the situation and instead use method 2 to contact one of us. Here is an example of flame:

"Wow, you got pwned. You should be on the show, 'The Biggest Loser'."

There is no reason to say things like that, just keep it to yourself.

Rule#2, No johns: John are excuses for losing matches, and are just like excuses for life situations. A loss is a loss, and a win is a win. Don't say: "I only lost because..." or "My brother broke the controller!" Those are your problems, and not anyone else's. If you believe that they were using glitches, cheats, or otherwise unfair tactics, report to a mod or an admin. Example of a john:

"Your character was a higher tier than mine, so that's why you won!"

Rule#3, no spamming: Do not flood the site with useless thoughts or those unrelated to the topic you are posting in. If you are posting in a war thread, don't say something like:

"I want to be a dentist!"

It's just a waste of a post and it may be deleted at mod or admin discretion. If a member spots a spam post, use the same methods mentioned in rule#1 to contact us so we can deal with the situation. Repeated or severe instances may result in bans, so if you want to have free discussion with no topic restrictions, head to the lounge.

Rule#4 Do not make a new topic without permission: The rule is self explanatory. The reason for this is to prevent duplicates of topics, inappropriate topics, and topic that have very little point. Always PM a mod or admin for approval, and be sure to explain the purpose of the thread in detail. Do not be upset if it's rejected, since we will usually explain a reason. Ignoring this rule may eventually lead to bans in the forums you were flooding with topics.

Rule#5 Minimize foul language: This is also self-explanatory. There are much nicer words to use other than f**k, D**n, and such. Also try to minimize reference of the words at all, (using signs to substitute letters.) It is ok to do at occasions, but never let the entire word slip out. If something is so strong in origin that you really want to use naughty words, use adjectives.

I believe I have covered everything.

Banned list: This is a list of those who have disobeyed the rules in such a manner that requires punishment. If your name is down here you can't post within the specified area for however long we set the ban to. We will give you warnings if you are on thin ice, and we will notify you of bans through a PM also telling what sections are off-limits and for what time frame. As the intensity and frequency of one member's actions rise, the bans will get longer, possibly even months or years if we absolutely must. Several mods or admins should meet if a ban will be given out to better discuss what the penalties shoudl be. This shows why rules are so important.

(Phew, lots of typing.)

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2 Like Arts Said on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:39 pm

Also If They Do Something So Bad That We Cant Handle We Will Call Your ISP And Tell Them What Your Doing

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3 Re: Site Guidelines and Ban Info on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:49 pm

No, we can handle it with bans, it's that simple. Nothing will ever get that bad, and we don't want to seem like we're invading. Personal privacy is more important than dealing with these things.

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4 Im Just Saying on Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:54 pm

I know that arts but we need to get real here it might happen Twisted Evil

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