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The ways of the Waft a Guide to Wario

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1 The ways of the Waft a Guide to Wario on Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:07 pm

Welcome Wario beginners please read this

Basic Stratagies

Be unperdictible
keep smash spamming to a minimum
don't over use the Wario Bike
use ariels

Advance stratagies
Wariocide when your opponet is on his last stalk or when you are about be to KO on equal stock
how to do either be in the air and chomp on your opponet or hang on the ledge then chomp which is very effective
use Smash Boost or what ever it called rarely
obviously Wario smash boost should be use rarely since it does not to that much damage and if you miss you may be attack but in can
be use as a combo set up hold up press z then press down on the c stick
Shoulder Charge when you know your gonna hit
this is a powerful move but large ending lag and Decays fast use it sparanly how to do tap forward and press a or use the c-stick
this move a great set up for ariels use it, how simple hold down and press A
one of the best move in the game in my oppinion racks up a lot of damage and can stop some projectiles simply jump and press down and
great counter ariel and has a great set up its truely a comboers dream simply jump press forward then a
use half charge wafts they may not be as powerful as a fully charge waft but they have more knock press down and b
chomp when your opponet dodging the chances are he's gonna end up in your mouth especialy when side stepping
short hop when doing ariels
just lightly press the jump button

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