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Brawlers of Darkness Vs. SSBB Guild

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1 Brawlers of Darkness Vs. SSBB Guild on Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:26 pm

The Info On The War Against SSBB Guild:

Brawlers of Darkness roster:

Artsy tag: Art FC: 1547-4873-5278
Ragnell Swinger tag: RS FC: 0430-9619-5778
Military G tag: MG FC: 3480-2295-5757
Koreanstriker93 tag: Azn FC: 1203-8989-6280
mario legend tag: Zero FC: 0087-3632-5854

SSBB Guild roster:

Flea tag: Flea FC: 2793-3006-3020
Krisito tag: Kris FC: 0001-2967-1381
Cissnei tag: FC: GX/CS 1719-2195-4707
Chao tag: ~Izay FC: 1891-1002-7952
Zanto tag: Same as Cissnei FC: same as Cissnei

Brackets: chosen completely randomly
KoreanStriker93 Vs. Krisito Winner:Krisito
Ragnell Swinger Vs. Cissnei Winner: Cissnei
Military G Vs. Chao Winner: Chao
Artsy Vs. Flea Winner: Flea
mario legend Vs. Zanto Winner: Zanto


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2 Re: Brawlers of Darkness Vs. SSBB Guild on Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:48 pm

Umm, G Dawg, I think this war is over now, and the one for RoA can be posted in the neo dojo. There are other crews with independent sites like us who I might look into brawling when we have enough members. I'll be on the lookout.

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